I'm a cleaning whizz and there are four things you should NEVER use one viral product on – it could cause major damage | The Sun

THERE'S one cheap product that's perfect for cleaning loads of places around your home, but there are also so places that could be majorly damaged by it.

White vinegar is known for it's amazing ability to clean almost anything.

But according to Olly Cavner, Operations Manager at Essential Living, there are five places you shouldn't use the miracle product.

He told Express.co.uk what they are and what you should use instead.


If you've got stone countertops in your kitchen using Vinegar on them is a big no-no.

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According to the pro the product could lead to dulled surfaces.

He explained: "Shiny countertops may start to slowly fade when they’ve been cleaned with white vinegar too much, so this is definitely one to avoid.

“It’s important to also check if your all-purpose cleaners have vinegar listed as an ingredient because even excessive use of these can slowly make the shine fade.”

He suggested using a simple solution of warm water and dish soap instead.

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Electronic screens

Your device screens can often become dusty or grubby, especially if you've got kids.

Olly explained: "White vinegar can be great at removing streaks, but avoid using it on an electronic screen as it can damage the anti-glare properties, and even make it less responsive if it’s a touch screen.

“Instead, use a soft sponge or a lightly damp cloth with water to remove these. You can also purchase screen wipes for any tougher marks.”


White vinegar can break down the rubber inside your machine, making it less effective over time.

If you want to get rid of water spots and other grime use products designed specifically for that purpose.


White vinegar is often used to cleaning dirty mirrors, but it could be doing more harm than good.

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The cleaning whizz said: “Although both glass and mirrors have a backing on them to make them shine and reflect, applying vinegar will seep through into this backing. 

“It’s best using a cleaning product specifically for mirrors and using a microfibre cloth to wipe it down to avoid any streaks.”

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