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ALTHOUGH people spend time in their bathrooms many times throughout the week, bathrooms can become neglected and quickly turn into cluttered messes.

With the right approach, you can organize your bathroom and turn it into your own spa-like sanctuary. Here are a few steps to get you started.

Reduce the clutter

Most bathrooms in the UK are small and have limited storage space.

Now add all your skincare, hair, bath, and dental products to the mix and you will soon find you have cluttered surfaces where you spend longer finding what you need and things start falling over – Chaos!

According to Craig Hoareau, member of  APDO and owner of A Tidy Mind, the first step to organizing it is to declutter.

Bathrooms are pretty easy to declutter as the products do not have sentimental value and you will know what you use and don't use.

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Be brutal and realistic. You will not be using those hotel sample bottles you collected on your travels.

If you are lucky to have drawers and shelves in your bathroom, try not to completely fill them up with products just because you have the space.

That means they certainly do not belong in your limited bathroom storage space.

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Begin the declutter by setting aside everything you use daily, your absolute essentials.

Separate any extras that can be put away and products that can be donated or tossed. (In the UK, unused beauty products can be donated to Beauty Banks).

Consider whether you’re really going to use the half-used shampoo bottles and creams which can’t easily be recycled.

It’s hard to stomach just throwing them out, but at the same time, don’t treat your home like a landfill. 

Either you finish using them, give them away to friends, post them on a free sharing app/website such as the Facebook marketplace or they go in the bin.

Also, consider items you might have out on shelves for decorative purposes.

If you don’t love them and they’re just gathering dust, then clean and donate them for someone else to enjoy.


Once you have edited out anything that doesn't belong in the bathroom, think about how to organize them.

Your daily essentials should be easily accessible and within arm's reach.

Other items that you do not use as often, the ones you use when you are hosting family and friends or spares can be placed further away.

In smaller bathrooms only keep items that are used every day.

Store the extras or products that are not used as often in another room or cupboard.

Use storage space wisely

Popular categories in bathrooms are Dental, Hair, Face, Nails, and Body.

If you store towels on shelves, roll rather than fold so you can easily take one out without disturbing the rest.

You can organize in these wider categories or sub-categorize even further (if you have the space) e.g serums, creams, wash, scrubs.

Remember, if you can’t see it, you won’t use it, so make sure that you can see your products clearly.

Some top bathroom organizational tips

If you have drawers, use wooden or acrylic drawer dividers for different product groupings to create a home for items.

If you share a bathroom with multiple people, consider creating a caddy for each person to keep their own products in.

Use acrylic or bamboo canisters to camouflage things like dental floss and cotton balls.

A Rattan basket or canvas bucket can be good to store toilet rolls.

If you buy in bulk and have a lot of spare toiletries these may need to be moved out of the bathroom and kept in a designated drawer/box.

Free-standing storage like carts on wheels can be used to store items and they can be moved around.

Wall-mounted shampoo and soap dispensers or a floating wire caddy in the shower can save space and prevent products from being stored on the floor or in the bath.

Makeup may be paired down to "every day" to be stored in a make-up bag and more "occasional makeup" stored elsewhere like in the bedroom.

If you have little or no storage space in your bathroom, consider creating some by purchasing things like slim bathroom cabinets.

Hanging wire cube baskets on the wall, adding floating cabinets or shelves, or adding ladder shelves over the toilet are some other options.

Label most things. Labeling not only makes it easier to find things but also makes it easier to know where they go back.

If you have multiple people using the bathroom there will be no excuse for things not being put back where they belong.

Keep counters clear

The counter space or sink in a bathroom should always be clutter-free, so try to keep as few items out as possible.

You can use a tray to hold hand soap & moisturizer. So if any products are not in the tray after you use the space, you know they need to go back to their home.

Add some plants for the final touch

It doesn't matter which room in your house you are organizing or styling, indoor plants are always a good idea.

They can purify the air, increase your energy and improve mental health. Plants can also help with damp issues!

Some plants will not need regular watering and instead will soak up the moisture in the air after a shower.

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Air plants work best for a bathroom environment.

Some great options are Bird’s Nest Fern, Pothos, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Chinese Evergreen, and Spider Plant.

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