I’m a fashion expert – I’ve got an easy way to make long skirts into the perfect mini and it’s totally free

ALMOST EVERYONE has a long silk skirt in their wardrobe now.

But, if you fancy something a little shorter and don't want to spend money on a new skirt, then one fashion expert has the hack for you.

Jade Leanne, from the UK, took to her TikTok page to share the way she alters her long silk skirts to look like the perfect mini – just in time for summer.

And it's totally free.

"Girls, I think I've done something," she begins.

She explained if you want your long skirt to be shorter there were two simple ways to do it without getting it tailored.


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She demonstrated how she takes the bottom of the skirt and pulls it up to one corner of her waist and tucks it in to create a pleated mini skirt.

The other hack she shared is to take the bottom of the dress and tuck it into each side of the waist to create a stunning draped effect mini skirt.

To keep it in place, she recommends using a safety pin.

She captioned the video: "This is when you say you girls have been doing this the whole time," but viewers were seriously impressed by the hack.

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One wrote: "You legit did a thing."

"WHAT OMG THANK YOU," another exclaimed.

A third said: "Such a good idea!! Totally trying this!"

"The way I ran out of my bed to try this," added a fourth user.

Another confirmed the hack worked, saying: "Came back to this to tell you I used this hack last night to go from dinner to the bar!!! THANK YA."

In another video, Jade demonstrated how she makes any pair of loose-fitting trousers fit like a glove without sewing.

Jade simply threads the button of the trousers behind the first belt loop of the trousers, and then does the up.

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