I’m a gardening expert – here’s how to bring grass back to life when a paddling pool has been sat on it | The Sun

THE WEATHER is heating up- and if you have kids it can only mean one thing, it's time to get the paddling pool out.

But if you're worried about how it might affect your lawn – as you often end up with a patch of dead grass after putting one up, then keep reading.

A gardening expert has revealed how to bring your lawn back to life after having a paddling pool up.

And fortunately there are plenty of ways to revive dry, patchy lawns so they look flawless again.

Gardening expert, Marc Kerr, co-founder of So & Mo, recommended a simple fix to make your lawn a healthy green colour again quickly.

"If the kids paddling pool has been out for a day or two, use a rake to stand the grass back up. 


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“Grass is a hardy plant, and it should return to a natural, healthy green colour quickly," he told the Express.

However, if your paddling pool has been out for longer, it might take more extensive work as the lawn may have died.

If so, Marc suggests: "You can revive the grass by scarifying the discoloured patch and doing a light topdressing and overseeding."

This means working a rake back and forth over it to clear the dead grass, moss and weeds.

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Marc added: “The grass will show signs of recovery in a week, and it will grow again in two to three weeks.”

After you've spent hours blowing up the paddling pool, you might find your children complaining it is too cold to actually get in.

but one mum has revealed a genius trick to heat up your paddling pool in no time and with no extra costs.

First-time mum Autumn Grace took to her Instagram Reels to share the clever tip, explaining: "If your pool is too cold for your children, a quick and easy way to warm it up is by placing black trash bags over the top."

This is because dark colours are better absorbers of light and heat.

So, by putting the black sacks across the surface of the water, you are giving it chance to absorb the heat and light from the sun – warming up the water in the process.

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