I'm a gardening expert…there’s a 15-minute trick which will keep your houseplants happy and it’s really easy

HOUSE plants have become all the rage as of recent, with every corner now a house for large Monstera Deliciosa and adorable miniature cacti.

But whilst the green tenants bring multiple benefits to your house, they can also be tricky to look after.

To give keen plant owners a helping hand in the confusing journey of ''How much water to use?'', the gardening guru, Daisy Payne, shared her top recommendations, reported the Express.

''I love houseplants!'' said Daisy, who regularly appears on This Morning.

''If you’re working at home right now, make sure you’ve got some lovely house plants in the room with you while you're on video calls galore.''

This, she explained, is because plants have been proven to improve one's mood and help with stress levels.

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An avid gardener and plant expert, Daisy revealed that watering her green friends is part of her weekly routine.

But instead of using a can to hydrate each individual plant, she lets them soak in the sink.

''I pop them in the sink and gently run the tap so that they’re soaked through and then able to drain off in the sink.

''After about 15 minutes or so, I then pop the plants back in their pots.''

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Doing so, she claimed, won't leave the roots soggy and over drenched in water, as the liquid will dry off ''nicely''.

For bigger plants that can't fit under the small tap, simply pop them in your shower or bath and use the same technique as with the sink method.


If this seems like too much hassle, it's worth looking into house plants that are virtually impossible to kill – even if you really wanted to.

Amongst these, is the cult favourite, Snake plant – the most resilient of all, this home decor can go up to one month without watering.

In fact, research shows it's better to under-water it than go overboard with hydrating.

Golden pothos, also nicknamed the Devil’s ivy, has long been a favourite for its ability to withstand pitch black conditions as well as both under and over-watering – a common error almost all house plant owners make.

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For those struggling to keep track of which plant needs how much water when, Aloe vera is another green friend that's been described as ''virtually indestructible''.

Perfect for bedside table or work desk in indirect sunlight, this popular succulent only requires little watering once a week.

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