I’m a gypsy and I’m constantly judged – people call me dirty, tell me to wash my caravan and say I’m a scrounger | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share what people say when they find out she’s a traveller – with some accusing her of being a scrounger.

The woman, who hasn’t revealed her name, posted the video to the account @pricey_x as part of the ‘Miami, My Amy’ trend, in which users post what others say about some aspect of their identity, or personality.

The things she’s been told after revealing her traveller stairs vary from the somewhat fetishizing “always wanted a traveller girl” to the outright offensive “dirty p*keys, go wash your caravan.”

She says that she’s also been told “pay your bloody taxes” and been referred to as “disgusting” with people accusing her of parking up outside their “bloody house.”

Although not quite all bad, she does add that some people have responded with things like “I love gypsys and travellers.”

Other travellers in the common section have revealed some of the things that they’ve heard too. 

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One writes: “I can say I hear this all the time. Let's not forget the one I hear all the time DoEs YoUr HoUsE hAvE a HaNdBraKe.”

Another said a common response they get after telling someone they’re a traveller is “my grandads Irish you know.”

“Seen your house on the M25” is another thing that one of the commenters says he gets told a lot, to which he responds “yeah and I over took you love.”

Fellow traveller Mandy Marie Gavin has also shared some of the offensive slurs she’s been called, including “inbred b*****d.”

However, despite this cruelty from some people she adds that she is still proud to be a traveller.

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Mandy adds that people shouldn’t be afraid of her and that she’s actually quite nice.

One traveller mother even had to pull her children out of school due to the horrific bullying and abuse they were facing from both students and teachers.

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