I’m a gypsy mum, I’m training my eight-year-old daughter to cook and clean for her husband and kids – it’s her duty

A GYPSY mum has opened up about how she is training her two daughters, including her eight-year-old, to follow in the family trade and become a housewife.

Mum-of-four Claire, whose family includes Maddie, 12, and eight-year-old Bonnie, revealed she is already putting them through their paces to make sure that they’re able to follow in her footsteps to look after their future husbands and children. 

As part of eye-opening Channel 5 documentary, Here Come The Gypsies, Claire explained that when the girls are approaching thirteen, it’s up to her to set them a test to see if they have what it takes to live on their own.

In Gypsy society, girls have to first prove their ability to follow traditional family roles before they’re able to move out to a nearby caravan and stand on their own two feet.  

Claire, who also has two sons with her husband, explained: “The man will go out and obviously he’s the breadwinner, he keeps his family and it’s up to the wife to keep the family home clean, decent.

“A woman’s place basically is at home in our community, that’s it.

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“If I was to ask [my sons] Matthew or Charlie to tidy up, they’d laugh in my face and tell me, ‘That’s not what I do, I’m off shooting.’

“They know from a very young age the difference between a man and a woman in our culture and what they do.” 

And it seems Claire’s children are more than happy to take up the baton from their mum with their coming of age fast approaching. 

Asked what she hopes for for the future, youngest Bonnie – who has her own chores to do each day – revealed: “I want two children and a husband, and to clean and cook and look after them.”

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Meanwhile, viewers watched as older sibling Maddie took on the challenge of cleaning the house and making a batch of rock cakes in just sixty minutes. 

After she had completed the task set, Claire said: “I think she’s ticked her boxes. She’s safe enough to cook, she can cook on her own without burning us down.”

Claire concluded: “I think she’s hit her goals and she’s more or less ready to have her own Tora.

“She’s a good girl, she can do anything I ask her, she knows how to do it all, so I’m real proud of her.

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“I was brought up exactly the same way as what Maddie is being brought up now. Mum and dad brought me up the same way so I was brought up to learn, to cook, clean.

“There’s nothing that’s changed from me being brought up to Maddie being brought up.” 

Here Comes the Gypsies is available to watch on My5

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