I’m a hairdresser & I can tell the kind of mum you are based on how you ask me to cut your kid’s locks

A HAIRDRESSER revealed that she can always tell what style of parent a person is by the way they ask for their children's hair to be done.

In a hilarious video hairstylist Sarah, reenacted each of the different parenting types that she meets when cutting children's hair.

She highlighted the "tired mom", the "silent but intimidating mom" and the "unrealistic expectations mom".

Sarah took to TikTok to share a video in which she revealed the "types of mom that bring their kid to the salon".

First up was the tired mom, who said: "I don't care what you do, just chop it off, chop it all off."


She then moved on to the unrealistic expectations mom, who said: "He's only two years old so we don't need anything crazy.

"But I was thinking a zero fade, high and tight with a hard part right here.

"And I want everything to be perfectly blended and look amazing without any product."

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Next up was the helicopter mom, who couldn't help but stand far too close to her child and the stylist during the appointment.

Sarah then showcased the silent but intimidating mom who just stood watching with their arms folded and a furious expression but refused to take a seat when offered.

Then she acted out the mom who "doesn't give a f***", who she portrayed on the phone speaking to a friend while her kids ran amuck through the salon.

She said: "Timmy's getting a haircut and I decided, why not bring all three? I don't want to pay for a baby sitter."

Fellow TikTokers all seemed to relate most to the silent and intimidating type.

One person said: "Silent intimidating one is my mom."

While another said: "Im the silent intimidating one but its just because i have social anxiety."

A third said: "My mom is a mix between silent and intimidating and just goes sit down and does a crossword."

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