I’m a hairdresser with frizzy locks but found a 3p hack to make it smooth in seconds & there’s not a brush in sight | The Sun

A HAIR stylist from New York City has revealed his simple yet genius way to smooth down frizzy tresses. 

TikTok user @mattloveshair took to his account to share a short clip to demonstrate how he uses a single string of dental floss to achieve the flawless look. 

Standing in front of a pool on a sunny day, the man donned a grey T-shirt with a monkey emblazoned on the front, while his dark mane was tied back. 

“This is still one of my favourite hair hacks,” he told his viewers as he pulled on the end of the floss. 

After getting it long enough, he cut the string and placed it on top of his head, spanning the distance between his forehead and the back of his skull. 

Matt then pulled down the length of his hair, keeping the floss pressed up against it, revealing how the stray and frizzy pieces of hair smoothed down perfectly. 

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“Another fav #hairhack,” he wrote in the caption, adding that it worked great for a sleek ponytail. 

And what's better is there's no brush in sight and you can pick up 50 metres of the stuff from most retailers for about £1.50. Therefore,if you used a metre per time it'd be just 3p!

Clearly impressed with the trick, one person said they were “trying this NOWWWW,” while another simply questioned: “WHAT IS HAPPENING”. 

A third asked how Matt discovered this nifty hack, while others said they were “definitely trying this tomorrow morning”. 

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One person couldn’t help but comment on why they believe floss achieves these results. They said: “Dental floss is covered in wax.. The wax lays down the fly always, you are welcome.” [sic] 

Another person agreed: “Hmm cause the wax on the floss?!? How does it not show up white,” [sic] to which another responded: “They make wax hair products that don’t leave white marks. Same concept”. [sic]

Meanwhile, for some, it wasn’t a totally new concept as one person shared: “if you’re in the military, DENTAL FLOSS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!!!” [sic]

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