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A MOTHER in her 40s has shared several videos of her sexy dancing that has left her family upset over her behavior but she enjoys it.

The mother loves breaking it down on the dance floor and especially loves to showcase it on TikTok.

TikTok user Laura, also known as @livelifelove06 on the platform, is best known for her many dance videos, as well as positive messages.

The single mother shares numerous anecdotes about dating, relationships, and being a woman over 40 on TikTok.

In one TikTok video, the 46-year-old woman "practices some cheeky moves for the dance floor," which has left her family not the happiest about her hobby.

Her birthday is in November, so she has very high expectations for when she turns 47 and lets her viewers know it.


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In the video, Laura is wearing a black button-down and black jeans as she moves her hips from side to side and turns around.

As she's dancing around in a circle, the song Chill Like That by Sunday Scaries & PICKUPLiNES plays in the background.

The song is only fitting considering how she's using the video to practice "some cheeky moves" ahead of her birthday, which she's excited about.

In another video, Laura also shows off her dance skills and has fun while she's doing it.

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She wears a white button-down sweater and light-wash denim jeans as she once again exhibits her epic talents.

The TikTok user keeps it positive by adding a "Happy Thursday" message at the top of the video, followed by another subtitle.

"I wonder how many more years I can drop it to the floor. I'm turning 47 next month, so I can wonder if I can be as flexible," it reads.

Similar to the first video, she busts a move but this time she makes extra efforts to drop it to the floor.

Her dance moves perfectly coincide with the song WOP by J. Dash that plays in the background.

Laura posted a TikTok video that she will no longer be making videos because her family dislikes her being on the mobile app.

She explains in the video how being on the platform brought her joy and thanks her many followers and supporters.

The feeling was short-lived because a little less than two weeks later she posted several videos showing that she had rejoined the app and wrote in one that the reason was she is "not letting anyone dullen my sparkle."

Many of her viewers offered their support for her desire to dance and also praised her for her skill.

"[Aww] Laura, sorry to see this but they're just looking out for you they just don't realize how this interaction with people is needed takecare," one user commented on a video.

"Wow! That's tough! So your family doesn't like the Positive Energy and good vibes you put into your vids?? Keep your head up Young Queen," another added.

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