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A HOUSEKEEPER has shared one of her tricks of the trade by revealing a £5 buy that is a game changer in the bathroom. 

Vanesa Amaro, who has dubbed herself the ‘Queen of cleaning’, revealed she now can’t go without the home accessory, as she urged others to invest too. 

But what is the mystery buy? 

Vanesa, who is on social media and can be found via her TikTok profile @vanesaamaro91, explained a drain blocker works wonders in the shower.

As she demonstrated how the contraption – which can be bought online from just a fiver – works its magic, she showed how it can be stuck directly over the drain quickly and easily. 

She then explained: “As a housekeeper, this is something that I wish every single client had in their own house.

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“Once you try this, you’re never going to go back, because clogged drains are just a disgusting mess.”

She then showed how the drain blocker captures hair and other things, making it much easier to get rid of them than ever before. 

And she said they last for a long while as they only need to be replaced “about once every two months.”

Vanesa added in the caption for her video that it’s now become an unnegotiable part of her cleaning routine.

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She said: “I’m seriously obsessed with this drain cover and have them at all times in my shower.”

And it seemed her expert tip went down a storm with her 5.6 million followers, as many took to the comment section to say they’d be purchasing one immediately. 

One person said: “Thanks Vanessa for all the useful tips you give us.”

A second shared the same sentiment, as they wrote: “I need to do this. I’m the housekeeper around here.”

A third person commented: “This is great!”

As a fourth typed: “Loveeee these.”

And others said they were already converts and are just as much of a fan as Vanesa is.

One explained: “I got these after I had to pay a plumber to unclog the drain for $600. These things are the best thing ever.”

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Another was in agreement, as they said: “I love them.”

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