I’m a Kylie Jenner lookalike, I get 500 matches on dating apps a day but I can’t get a boyfriend because I’m too hot | The Sun

A MODEL says her good looks make dating an impossible task after "frightened" men deem her unapproachable.

Júlia Medeiros, 22, has legions of fan online and claims to get “up to 500 matches every day” on the popular dating app, Hinge, but struggles to find lasting connections in real life.

The model, who makes £80,000 ($100,000 USD) per month explains that potential partners assume she is promiscuous, but she insists she is fiercely loyal in relationships.

The influencer, who has 100,000 followers on Instagram ( @juju.brazil), is a dead ringer for beauty tycoon and reality TV star Kylie Jenner – but it seems that doesn’t help her romantic life either.

"I look like Kylie Jenner and that intimidates people which has made my love life difficult," Júlia, who lives in Miami, told NudePR.co.uk.

"Men are afraid to come talk to me and they rarely have the confidence to come talk to me.

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"I noticed that in clubs women who are less attractive than me actually get hit on more.

"I can hang out with a group of ugly girls and even if I'm the prettiest the ugly ones will get guys — but the men won't even talk to me.

"I think men are afraid of rejection, they think I'm going to embarrass them. In the club, men look at me a lot, but they don't do anything further.

"When they are around me they get really nervous."

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To combat her loneliness, Júlia recently enlisted the help of her pet dogs, taking them on walks in the hopes of meeting a man out and about.

As for her own dating criteria, she only has one requirement: that the men be taller than her.

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She said: "My former boss taught me the technique, dogs are an excuse for men to approach me.

"But when they do, to conquer me in real life the man needs to be tall — this is the first requirement.

"I'm 167cm and I want to wear heels next to my man, therefore, he needs to be quite tall for me to be smaller than him.

"He also needs to be successful, outgoing and funny.

"I'm also very passive, my partner needs to be active, otherwise it won't work.”

The influencer says that she is very trust-worthy, even willing to go to extreme lengths to keep her partner’s mind at ease.

She added: "I am a very faithful girlfriend, for me there is no possibility of cheating.

"I have nothing to hide, I give the password to my cell phone, and I let them look through it.

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"An ex-boyfriend even had a key to my apartment."

Júlia has previously hit the headlines for claiming she paid $10,000 USD to restore her hymen, having reportedly lost her virginity to a 30-year-old man when she was 17 years old.

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