I’m a lash tech and this is the disgusting reality when people don’t clean their extensions – it’s so gross

EVERYONE wants fuller, more fluttery eyelashes – but the reality of unhygienic lash extensions isn’t so pretty.

A lash technician shared a video of one client who didn’t keep her lashes clean, and the results are vile.

Tiktok user and lash tech Ipek shared the video and told her viewers exactly why you must clean your lash extensions daily.

In the clip, she said: “So what exactly happens when you don’t clean your eyelash extensions?

“The build-up of makeup and oil cause the extensions to fuse together. Extensions will get too heavy for the natural lash.”

As is clearly shown in the grim video, the lash extensions then start to damage the natural lashes and become detached. 

She captioned the warning: “It’s for your own safety.”

The video has racked up over 100,000 views, and people were horrified by the dirty lashes. 

“Ew. Yuck!”, wrote one disgusted commenter, while another said: “Ew. Don’t people wash every morning at least?!”

Some felt sorry for Ipek for having to deal with clients who don’t care for their extensions properly.

“I feel so bad that you have a ton of these bad dirty lashes coming in”, wrote one sympathetic commenter.

Others were concerned about the damage that could be caused by dirty extensions, with one viewer writing: “Then you lose both your natural lashes and your lashes.”

Ipek has an in-depth tutorial on her Tiktok, showing exactly how to clean your lashes so they don’t end up looking dirty and damaging your natural lashes. 

Ipek has shown the vile reality of unclean lashes in previous videos, where build-up has got so bad that her client’s eyelids have become crusty and inflamed. 

She urged her viewers: “It’s gross! Please clean your lashes!”

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