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GREASE stains are notoriously difficult to remove from clothing, especially if they are given time to set in.

If you act fast, you can save your clothes from permanent damage using just one cheap item.

The experts at Apartment Therapy recommend keeping chalk in your kitchen or dining area to tackle any sudden stains.

Chalk is famously used to prevent sweat hindering the performance of gymnasts and weightlifters.

This is because it works to dry the sweat of these athletes' hands, and the same logic applies to treating grease stains.

This cleaning hack is an immediate fix, so experts recommend storing this $1 item in your kitchen pantry rather than in your laundry room as you will need to take action as soon as possible.

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After the stain occurs, you will want to remove any excess oil or food residue using a paper towel.

Then, cover the entire stain with chalk and allow it a few minutes to completely absorb.

Before throwing it in the wash, dab the grease spot with a stain remover.

Wash the stained garment on a hot cycle and your stain should be gone by the time it's over!

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Keep in mind that a lot of chalks, such as sidewalk chalk, can be wax-based and will likely ruin your clothes further.

Experts recommend sticking to the regular blackboard white chalk for the best results.

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