I’m a make-up whizz and you’ve been using setting spray wrong – here’s how to make the glow last and pores to vanish | The Sun

MAKING make-up last an entire day without touch ups is a near-impossible task, but one woman may have figured out just the thing to achieve it. 

Beauty whizz Maj listened carefully as TikTok user @alizearle described how she uses setting spray to have flawless skin all day long. 

Alix said she goes over her setting spray with powder, which minimises the appearance of her pores, adding that her make-up ends up “cemented” to her face. 

Clearly impressed with her method, @maj.beauty said: “This is the make-up hack I do when I need my make-up to last all day.”

She went on to recount one particular time when she attended two weddings in one day and needed her make-up to last. 

“Once your make-up is done, you have your creams, liquids, powders… Everything is on. You’re going to use a fixing or setting spray to lock everything in just like you normally would,” she explained. 


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Maj then took a spray and “drenched” her face before trying to dry it a little bit, adding: “We don’t want it to be too wet.”

Adding a disclaimer that viewers can use a loose powder, she then took out a Kosas Cloud press powder set. 

Using a triangular beauty sponge, she then pressed the powder into the skin under her eyes. 

“I like to do it in my undereyes and my T-zone because that’s where I tend to get sweaty during the day,” she said.

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Maj added: “Pores blurred, shine controlled and your make-up is going to last you all day.” 

In the caption, she wrote: “It’s giving airbrushed & flawless”. 

People were immediately left impressed with this tip and praised her for finding a way to look “flawless” all day long. 

“This is my favorite tip I’ve learned from you! I used to use a large powder brush with my setting spray but I love using the puff instead,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Flawless! Definitely trying this. Thank you,” [sic] with a heart eyes emoji. 

While a third chimed: “flawless trying this asap. Thank you”. 

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