I’m a minimalist mum – I purposefully keep my family home plain and trolls always say the same thing about our playroom

FOR many parents, their child's playroom is stuffed full of books, toys and dressing up clothes.

But things couldn't be more different for one minimalist mother of nine.

Colleen Mason took to her Instagram Reels to share a tour of her children's playroom, which was almost empty apart from their "favourite" toys.

There was also a climbing wall on one wall, a mini trampoline and a fabric swing from the ceiling.

Alongside the video tour, Colleen wrote: "Minimalism isn’t a set of rules.

"It doesn’t mean we don’t have toys.

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"It means we get to choose how much we want to manage.

"We keep only what we need, use and love! This keeps us focused and removes decision fatigue."

She advised other parents to "observe your children" for a day or a week, and added: "I bet you will find they only play with a few favourites."

However, despite Colleen's obvious enthusiasm about her minimalist way of life, people in the comments section of the video were largely left saying the same thing.

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"How do you get over the feeling of it not being 'homely', 'cosy', 'warm' and feeling unfinished?" one person asked.

To which Colleen replied: "That’s just a preference. I’m not much of a decorator. There are no rules! Minimalism means you get to create a house that is manageable for you.

"Whatever brings you that peace. It has nothing to do with colour or decor. Decorate as much as you desire!"

"Wheres the games & toys? Not much for a 'play' room," someone else wrote.

While a third added: "This looks depressing."

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Others approved of the setup, with one writing: "We had less toys than this in the 60's. We mostly played outside. Love the minimalism."

"I dream of being able to achieve this level of no-clutter," someone else added.

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