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IF you are looking to cut costs when doing your food shopping, here’s a tip that you must try.

Gemma Bird, also known as the Money Saving Mum, has shared a simple but effective way that you can save money when getting your weekly groceries.

The 40-year-old mum-of-two, who lives in Billericay, Essex, lives mortgage-free in a four-bedroom detached house, drives a Range Rover and jets off on multiple holidays a year to plush resorts in Mexico, Lapland and Dubai. 

But Gemma isn’t an heiress or a lottery winner – no, she’s achieved this comfortable life despite never earning more than £25k a year. 

The money-saver previously told Fabulous: “I’ve never earned more than £25,000 a year. I live and breathe deals. I don’t care how much money you have, people always love a bargain.

“I’ve saved every solitary penny since the age of seven. I once managed to save almost £10,000 on a £12,000 salary thanks to my must-know hacks.” 

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Gemma has amassed an impressive 323k followers on Instagram and even counts Stacey Solomon as a fan.

In one of her recent clips, posted on TikTok, Gemma shared her simple and easy hack.

With this hack, if you are popping into a supermarket for a few bits, Gemma advised getting a basket instead of a trolley.

This way, you will avoid adding in excess items that you don’t need.

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Therefore you won’t waste money on food or products that weren’t on your list in the first place.

Gemma explained: “Ok so loads of you say to me, Gem when I go in for a couple of bits I always end up adding things I don’t need, can’t afford in the basket! 

“So I thought well say we ditched the basket!!! 

“If you just need say 4,5,6 things then if you can’t pick them up it will stop you from buying it may just work! 

“It will stop you overspending when popping in for a few bits.

“Try it, see if you save.” 

We think Gemma’s hack is great, but some TikTok users were sceptical.

One person said: “Tried it so many times and I still overspend 😆 I just balance it all in my arms, on my head.”

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Another added: “Nope doesn’t work…I end up finding a box to carry it all.” 

A third commented: “I did that today going in for eggs and bought a sandwich maker 😂”

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