I’m a mum and my Home Bargains tip gets kids’ muddy whites looking brand new with virtually no effort | The Sun

DO you ever get fed up with your kids' white socks and clothing constantly ending up muddy and stained?

A mum has revealed how she leaves them sparkling white thanks to a Home Bargains product.

TikTok user @ourhouse_tohome uploaded a video which showed her children’s muddy white socks.

She then puts the plug in her kitchen sink and adds boiling water and Ace For Whites.

The savvy mum then leaves the white items in the water to soak for 30 minutes.

After this time, they are ready to go in the washing machine, and she uses her usual detergent pod along with a spritz of the White Stuff’s Oxi Stain Remover.

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The TikTok user then showed the socks after the wash, and they looked as good as new.

She added in the caption: “Kids socks get sooo dirty.”

Many people were impressed and wanted to try her hack for themselves.

One wrote: “This is amzing I never thought of this.”

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Another added: “This is what I do it’s the only way.”

And a third commented: “I love this!”

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