I'm a mum and this £2 trick makes potty training a breeze & will even get your toddler excited to try it

AS exciting as potty training is, it also comes with a lot of frustration, crying and a mess everywhere.

But a savvy mum has shared the one product that she promised will make the journey a breeze.

The TikTok-famous mum, @momlikeaboss_, who has almost 900,000 followers on the social media giant, regularly uploads hacks to help fellow parents and claimed this might be her favourite one yet.

''These are potty stickers,'' said the mum-of-two whose daughter has recently embarked on the toilet-training journey.

She then explained the simple logic behind these: ''You stick them on the bottom of the toilet – when they pee on them, they make the special picture up here.''


The savvy mum demonstrated the trick by splashing some water on one of the stickers – once the liquid had touched the surface, the sticker revealed a pink fairy with wings and luscious hair.

''My daughter walked around saying me make princess,'' she captioned the video, claiming the toddler ''was so happy to go potty all day''.

''They have monster trucks and different designs so whatever your child would like their is a sticker,'' she told the viewers, adding that these are reusable as they go back to black when dry.

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While some branded her a ''genius'', one desperate mum had seen the video just in time, leaving a comment: ''Omg thank you I have to try this I hope this works 😩.''

Another wrote: ''My mom’s hack: skittles or m&m’s.

''Every time they went they got 1 candy. Not enough to ruin their meals but enough to bribe them with.''

''This is so cool. I just let my boy aim at a can in the yard till he got it right,'' shared a parent.

''I’m 20 years old and I want this,'' joked a viewer.

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