I'm a nail tech…there are five nail styles which are so ugly I won’t ever do them, I don’t care what anyone says | The Sun

A NAIL tech has gone viral after revealing the designs she refuses to do.

As a nail technician, you are bound to come across clients whose vision and preferences are different to your taste – but for the most part, you will still end up fulfilling the client's wishes.

But for one nail technician, Nelia, 27, there are five designs she will never ever do no matter what.

Offering a helping hand to any potential clients who might book an appointment with her, the beauty whizz took it to TikTok to share thelist of no-nos.

According to the viral video, the first style the guru is not particularly keen on are the short and stumpy duck nails.

Here, the 27-year-old had inserted an image of duck nails with white tips and a few shiny rhinestones.

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The second on the the list were short stilletto nails – another design Neila doesn't enjoy.

If you thought that it must be the length she doesn't like, you're wrong, as a longer mani is also a big no-no when visiting the professional.

Super long nails and full glam nails with countless of blingy gems are are also amongst the designs she despises.

''It takes a lot work and I wouldn’t personally do it but they are nice to look at.''

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Last but certainly no least, according to the clip, was a manicure with a ''weird'' print.

To give an example, the beauty guru had shared a snap of a leopard print in bright rainbow colours.

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The list left the internet divided – whilst some thought she was okay to refuse a request, others slammed her.

''But this is a job where it’s about what the client wants..it doesn’t matter if it’s not your personal aesthetic to reflect your artistic style,'' read one comment.

Another agreed, writing: ''it’s not abt [about] your opinion it’s abt what the client wants [sic].''

However, there were also plenty of those who took Nelia's side and explained it was all about her reputation.

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''And reputation is reputation,why would they want there [their] name being associated with those type off nails that r im this vid [sic],'' hit back one person.

A second added: ''I can understand, nails are literally art and I wouldn’t wanna put my name on something I didn’t like either.''

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