I’m a size 12 and this is how jeans REALLY vary between shops (& don't even mention Zara), says Towie’s Maria Fowler

HAVE you ever tried on a pair of size 12 jeans in Next, before going for the same size in Zara and not been able to get them above your knees?

That's the issue suffered by many women when they go shopping due to the dramatic difference in sizes between stores.

Ex The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler, who has reinvented herself as a body positivity role model since leaving the show, took to her Instagram page recently to share a video of herself shopping for a pair of size 12 jeans in four different shops.

"I’ve come in to try size 12 jeans in different shops," she explained. "I want to see how they really fit, no matter what dress size you are.

"You might wonder why one minute everything fits, and two months later you can’t even zip those jeans up."

First up, Maria hit H&M, to try on a pair of skinny high waist denims.

"These are H&M," she said. "I’m a UK 12.

"I’ve had two children and they just don’t fit. I want to show you that on the high street, if you’re feeling deflated in a changing room, it’s not you – it’s them."

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Next was Zara – a store known for its small sizes.

And, unsurprisingly, Maria could barely get the jeans from there fastened.

But when she tried on a pair of size 12 jeans from Next, they fit easily – with a lot of room to spare.

And the same with her choice from New Look – she was able to button them up with ease.

"I can now laugh it off, but for so many women, it’s not that easy," she sighed.



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While the Zara ones Maria could barely fastenCredit: mariafowler_/Instagram
She eventually got the jeans done up but, again, not comfortablyCredit: mariafowler_/Instagram

"I hope this video makes you remember – size is just a number. We need to ignore the sizes that are on these labels. Because these companies are not consistent.

"We need to tell our daughters, our friends, our mums, our sisters – that our value is not based on the size of our clothes. 

"So next time you go shopping and you can’t work out why the jeans don’t fit just remember it’s not you – it’s them."

In the caption to the Instagram video, Maria explained that she "used to not buy clothes in the size up.

"I used to feel embarrassed, ashamed, insecure. And now thanks to the power of the internet, I realise this is a massive thing that so many women are noticing and flagging."

"I hope highlighting this reminds you that if you can’t fit in those jeans or that dress, please size up and please don’t feel upset doing so."

Maria was quickly praised by fans for sharing her video, with one writing: "Love this! I always come out of Zara feeling a fat frump and want to go home and be nil by mouth, so least this video shows that the sizes are all different."

Another added: "Exactly why I hate shopping. I have had actual tears and meltdowns myself in changing rooms.

"It's so wrong but still makes you feel terrible. And don't get me started on the awful lighting !!!

"Well done for highlighting this I'm sure most women have had this struggle."

"This is the best thing I have seen today," a third person wrote.

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