I’m a style expert – the four steps your need to take when getting dressed to always have a flawless look | The Sun

HAVE you ever styled a really nice outfit and still thought it was missing something?

Orlyshani is style expert and content creator. 

She says when it comes to creating a style your clothes are just one step but says there's three other elements that are essential to ensure you always look flawless.

In a video online she said: “Your clothes, they are not as important as you think they are.”

Orlyshani said: “There are four main elements when you are creating an outfit.”

These are: The clothes, the styling of those clothes, hair and makeup and shoes and accessories.

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So even if you have nice clothes, if you haven't developed the rest of your style, she hints your outfit will still be lacking. 

Orlyshani explained that even the same clothes can look different on other people with different style.

She said: “Remember your style language is meant to express who you truly are through your physical appearance.”

Orlyshani used the example of a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to explain her point.

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A t-shirt and a pair of jeans changes completely with different shoes alone. 

If you imagine the outfit in your head it would look completely different with sneakers vs converse or heels vs flats.

Orlyshani said: “This means that you do not need to spend all of the dollars buying all of the clothes in order to have a strong sense of personal style.”

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Orlyshani challenged her viewers to go to their closet and build the most boring outfit they could think of.

Then she encouraged them to speak their style language through all the other elements alone, the way they choose to do their hair and makeup, the accessories and shoes and the way they style the clothes. 

She said: “This is gonna liberate you so much.”

 Orlyshani’s video gained over 271,000 views.

One follower said: “So stop spending money on clothes and spend on jewellery and shoes. Got it.”

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A second added: “Same sofa/different pillows!”

While another praised her saying: “This is such a great visual for the message!!”

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