I’m a tattoo artist – a customer had the weirdest request related to a famous serial killer, I had to say no | The Sun

FROM true crime podcasts to popular Netflix series, serial killers are heavily featured in today's media.

A TikToker, who works in a tattoo shop, revealed one of the creepiest requests he has received.

Tattoo artist Jamie Lo, who runs the TikTok account Jammydodged, shared the disturbing request he received from a customer.

"So this lovely young woman comes into me and she’s like ‘I want to get these teeth done,’ and she shows me a picture of real life teeth," Jamie told his followers.

The TikToker assumed that the teeth were related to the Twilight saga.

However, when he inquired further about the vision of the body art was, he was shocked to learn the truth.

At first the customer was hesitant to reveal the inspiration behind the tattoo.

Eventually, she admitted they were the bite marks of famous serial killer Ted Bundy.

Jamie realized that the photograph of the teeth she had shown him was taken at a crime scene.

The tattoo artist explained that he was doubly disturbed such the request came from a woman, given Bundy's "heinous crimes" against women.

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The customer said: "Yeah, I’m just really interested in serial killers. I kind of look up to him."

The TikToker shared his shock at this statement and refused to draw the tattoo.

However, Jamie's encountered the disturbing customer again months later.

The tattoo artist, who explained that he was for remembering faces, said: "She comes back in and goes ‘I want to get a portrait done.'"

When Jamie asked the customer what portrait she would like to have done, she showed him a photograph of Ted Bundy, claiming it was her grandfather.

The TikTok user recognized the woman and refused to tattoo her yet again.

Jamie detailed how the woman pulled back her hair to show him "the bite marks of Ted Bundy tattooed on her neck."

He added that the customer also had a tattoo showing a hand in an L-shape.

Jamie told viewers: "I said ‘What does that represent?’ She said ‘That’s the length size, apparently, of Ted Bundy’s penis."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the creepy request.

"When you said bite marks, I thought I knew where this was going. NOTHING COULD HAVE PREPARED ME FOR THAT," wrote one viewer.

Another follower said: "I worked with this other tattoo artist and she was painting a series of serial killers WITH THE DEAD VICTIMS. It will never make sense to me."

"The true crime girlies have gone too far," commented a third person.

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