I'm a thicc thigh girl – my favorite 3 products will stop chafing and keep chub rub at bay including a kitchen item | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has revealed her top three products for avoiding chub rub this summer.

For many plus-sized women, thigh chafing can become a real problem whenever you are showing off your legs in shorts or a skirt.

"As a plus size, thicc woman… my thighs rub, chafe and it hurts so badly," TikTok star Karen (@callherkarenbby) said about the summer problem. "I'm out here walking like a duck!"

But there are a few different products you can use to protect yourself and make sure you can wear whatever you want.

Karen shared her three go-to products for frictionless legs in a TikTok video earlier this month.

Her first recommendation is for Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick that easily rolls on like stick deodorant.

"This is what I use every spring, every summer, really all year long because I live in Arizona – Megababe," she said as she clicks together full and mini versions of the product.

"I literally don't even really need to reapply," she added, noting that its effects last a long time.

Megababe has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon and is available for just $13.95.

She also recommended using body oil, like the slow hair growth body oil she uses from European Wax Center.

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She said you can use almost any type of body oil as long as it keeps your skin oiled.

As a final solution, Karen said you can always use coconut oil.

"If you cannot find any of these products… use coconut oil!," she said. "It works just fine."

Other influencers have also shared their clever hacks to avoid the dreaded chub rub.

One TikToker shared a great fashion tip to stop thigh chafing, available for only $5 at Walmart.

Other influencers have recommended DIY solutions like cutting stockings or thin bike shorts to wear underneath a dress or skirt.

And two women recently created the world's first anti-chafing tape that can easily be wrapped around your thighs.

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