I'm a trainee interior designer and make £10k a month from side hustle – I could earn so much more if I put the time in | The Sun

A TRAINEE interior designer has told how her side hustle turned into a lucrative career raking in £10,000-a-month.

Sophie Filomena, 27, worked in a strip club two years ago and decided to move her talents online to fund her college studies full-time.

But despite just being a way to make money while she got her degree as an interior designer,her OnlyFans page turned into something much more.

The mum, from Glasgow, says: "I don’t know the biggest amount I've made in one month but I could do better if I put more time into it.

"To be honest I've only just learned about some features on the site.

"At the start it was more of a background hobby to keep myself going while studying, 

"Now I’m more than happy with £10k a month."

Sophie, who posts online as @cargirlssophie and @nylonsophiefilomena, adds: "I have done a lot of modelling, promotional work, I also do a lot of car events, travelling with the Cannon Run and have done for 10 years now. 

"Comparing OnlyFans to a 9 to 5  is like comparing a 1.2 Ford Focus to an R34 Skyline.

"OnlyFans give me days of freedom to do what I want whilst living a happy, secure life for me and my daughter."

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Sophie previously told how she reckons women should stop moaning about being catcalled and take it as a compliment instead.

She loves when she receives wolf whistles from strangers on the street and doesn't think it's sexist.

The model said: "I see girls moan about it but it’s a compliment.

"Builders are my biggest confidence booster.

"I’m not really bothered about being chatted up.

"I'll humour it unless it’s constant and I’m trying to enjoy a night out because then it will get on my nerves.

"Otherwise I’m all for a wolf whistle."

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