I’m addicted to sex with my toyboy lover who I met on Twitter… and we have it up to EIGHT times a day

Gigi Petite, 36, from Essex, has been with boyfriend Alex Bostridge, 26, for 15 months since meeting him on Twitter, and admits she can’t keep her hands off him.

Typically, us Brits will spend around 117 days of our lives having sex.

Last month we told how Chloe Madeley has sex with her rugby player fiance James Haskell every night.

However, that’s nothing compared to Gigi and Alex, whose record for the most bonks in a day is EIGHT.

Since moving in together in November last year, they’ve christened every room in the house – bar her son’s room – with the living room being a favourite spot.

Model Gigi explained: “I am addicted to sex with Alex, 100 per cent, and he feels the same.

“In previous relationships I wasn’t as interested in sex – I’d make up excuses with other people to not do it, I’d say I was tired or had a headache.

“With Alex I don’t know what it is – I find him physically a lot more attractive than anyone else I’ve ever been with. I just stare at him sometimes, I just want to pounce on him, and I’ve never had that before with anybody.”

After Alex, who is the same age as Gigi’s younger brother, followed her on Twitter, the pair began chatting after both breaking up with their respective partners.

I just stare at him sometimes, I just want to pounce on him

They eventually met up – and hit it off straight away.

“We were supposed to go to a bar, but I take ages to get ready, so when we arrived it was shut,” Gigi recalled.

“So we went back to his house, and we just sat down and chatted. I think it was better that it happened like that. If we’d have gone to a bar I probably would have had a couple of drinks, and it might not have gone down the way it did.

“Alex doesn’t drink, and at his house it was a lot more relaxed, not loud like a bar, and we just got to know each other. I did stay over, but nothing happened – surprisingly considering how things are now!”

The couple had sex for the first time two weeks later, having met up around five times in between.

Gigi said: “We were speaking every day – when we woke up we’d message each other straight away.

“It was the way he came across that attracted me to Alex – the things we’d speak about, he isn’t like everyone else, I could tell he was different. Alex’s ex is 14 years older than him, which I think is why he’s much more mature than other lads his age.

“The first time we had sex it was really, really intense – we both really wanted it, so it was really good. Straight away he was so much better than anyone else I’d ever been with.

“He was very giving and tender – I think I took more control to be honest! We mixed it up with different positions and we had it three times over that night. We didn’t want to leave the bedroom!”

Since then Gigi and Alex, a musician, have branched out of the house, with romps in their local forest and even during nights out.

“Alex used to have a van when we first met, and sometimes if we went to a party we’d disappear to it for a few minutes and then come back like nothing had happened!” Gigi admitted.

“Even when we’re out we find a way to do it. I’ll kiss him and he can tell from my kiss what I’m trying to say.”

She said they have sex more now that they live together, as they both work from home and are around each other 24/7, and are “fiercely loyal” to each other – with marriage and kids on the cards.

“He makes me feel like his little princess, he really makes effort in every way with me,” Gigi said.

“I’m quite an alpha female and I’ve always felt like the man in other relationships – he’s the only guy that’s ever made me feel like a lady.

“He holds my hand walking down stairs, he opens car doors, and carries my bags for me without me even asking, I love it – I’m very old-fashioned like that.

“He makes me feel quite precious to him, I love it. Even his mum noticed how much of a gent around me he was!”

The couple time their love-making around Gigi’s 13-year-old son, who is at school during the day and with his dad most weekends.

She said: “We’re very quiet at night when we know he’s in! He’s never caught us in the act, but he’s been awake when Alex has walked from the bedroom into the bathroom afterwards.”

Gigi added that their sex life suffered briefly when her mum came to stay while recovering from a knee operation.

“I remember being quite stressed about that, I was like, ‘God she’s everywhere!’” Gigi recalled.

“It wasn’t the fact that we weren’t doing it as much, it’s that I had to be quiet, when you have to do it in pure silence, it’s rubbish!”

Gigi said their wild sex life isn’t down to insecurity – though she does get moody with Alex if he ever turns her down.

“There was time on a Sunday when he had football, and he had to leave the house at 9am but woke up at 10 to, so he refused to have sex,” she said.

“I was in a mood all day. Normally on a Sunday morning we don’t have that issue as he wakes up early.”

Gigi said she doesn’t understand couples who say they don’t have time for sex.

“There’s no excuse,” she said. “I’ve done the whole 9-5 thing, and from when you walk in the door at the end of the day you have so many hours before you go to bed, you can do it at least once a day even if you do work.

“There are people that just have sex once or twice a week, but I don’t think that’s normal if you really fancy the person you’re with. If people want it, they’ll find a way to do it, no matter what.”

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