I'm an award winning restaurateur and here's why you should never put milk in your scrambled egg

SCRAMBLED EGGS are a staple breakfast item and we all think we know how to make them, right?!

Some of us will chuck our eggs in the microwave but others prefer to whip up our eggs in a saucepan.

Many of us will add a knob of butter to ours and others will opt for a glug of milk.

But according to a top chef, putting milk in your scrambled eggs is a 'cardinal sin'.

Although most scrambled egg fans swear by a generous splash of milk for the perfectly creamy eggs, it apparently does more harm than good in the long run.

Dan Joines – the proud owner of several award-winning restaurants in London – says adding more dairy to the dish ruins the overall flavour and shouldn't be done.

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The food guru warned: "Never add milk to your scrambled eggs – it dilutes the flavour and makes them more likely to turn out rubbery.

"It's always butter for me.

Make sure your butter is golden, but not brown, before you put your eggs in.

"Keep stirring on a medium to low heat.

"Keep them moving and folding with a spatula until slightly runny, but bound together."

Another chef, Luke Selby, also swears by this theory and wouldn't dare put milk in his eggs.

Luke, who works at London's Hide Restaurant, insisted that milk to scrambled eggs is never a good look.

He insisted: "Putting milk in your scrambled eggs is a cardinal sin.

"It just makes them too wet, like school dinners."


If you are feeling personally attacked right now, apologies, but the chefs have spoken.

Instead of milk, opt for a spoonful of butter, to ensure your scrambled eggs not only taste great, but are the perfect consistency. 

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