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DOLLAR Tree is a paradise for customers searching for good deals – but according to staff, there's one item that isn't worth buying.

One former employee has opened up about the one product to steer clear of when shopping at the discount store.

The ex-Dollar Tree employee took to Reddit to warn shoppers not to purchase the frozen meats.

The Reddit user said: "[I] definitely wouldn't buy that. At the one I worked at it was these thin, nondescript steaks in the frozen section."

Meanwhile, a store manager in Minnesota told Mental Floss: "I would never buy the steak.

"I’ve heard from more than one person that it doesn’t cook [well] and it feels like rubber."

Another store manager urged against buying unprocessed food, like meat or seafood at Dollar Tree.

"I don’t eat any of the frozen fish or rib eyes because I don’t trust frozen seafood or meat that costs a dollar," she said.

Earlier this year, another Dollar Tree worker shared their thoughts on Reddit, in regards to high-priced items in the store.

The worker wrote: "Anyone else's store experimenting with $3-$5 items? If so what are your thoughts?

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"I've gotten a new pet peeve from this when customers bring these higher priced items through my line and they DIDNT read the price thinking they are getting all this good stuff for $1.25.

"Then they don't want it when I ring it up and it's more making my item voids go up, smh."

These higher-priced items are Dollar Tree's way of responding to inflation, according to another worker.

The Dollar Tree employee replied on Reddit: "This is their response to inflation, which is worldwide, and they have to find solutions that keep shareholders happy.

"It sort of conflicts with their core business model, where a customer can turn off their brain and just shop.

"It also permits competition with big box stores, in that they're trying to serve the needs of urban areas without a principal grocer or Walmart in their market area."

The worker said the items are being priced higher amid the company's trial phase.

The advice comes as one Dollar Tree shopper has ranked the worst and best-tasting items at the store.

Britnee Alexus, known as @brittneealexus on TikTok, rated a number of items poorly – but raved about the store's chicken sandwich, which she said tasted like a McRib from McDonald's.

And, there are at least 10 items in September that are must-grabs from Dollar Tree according to this superfan, including a doorway security camera.

According to Matt Granite, a deals aficionado and Dollar Tree enthusiast who goes by the handle The Deal Guy on YouTube, there are essential items that Dollar Tree is offering huge savings on this month.

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