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DECORATING your kid's bedroom can be tricky to get right.

You want them to have a fun space where they can express their own personality, but you always want something that they wont grow out of in a few months.

Some will look great in your kid's bedroom right through to their teen years and others just scream tacky – but getting it right isn't easy.

Vicki Foster, interior stylist at ScS told Fabulous what to consider when decorating a kid’s bedroom.

Kids have a 'more is more' approach when it comes to decorating their own bedrooms.

After all, why have one pink and glittery unicorn when you could have 10?

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Unfortunately, this approach is not only a massive waste of money since they'll be onto the next obsession before you know it, but it'll also make the room look tacky.

Vicki says: “Children’s décor tends to be loud and colourful and whilst it’s good to embrace that, too much can quickly become overpowering and tacky.

"Adopt a ‘less is more’ approach here and let fewer pieces standout, rather than have loads fighting for attention.

“Doing this, along with adopting that neutral colour palette will also make the room feel bigger.”  

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One of the main things parents will want to keep in mind when decorating a child's bedroom is the longevity of the design.

It can be tempting to paste cute cartoon characters on to the walls, but it's going to create more work for yourself down the line.

Vicki says: “If you’re working with a tight budget for redecoration the key is to plan ahead – make the room something for your child to grow into, not out of.

"Don’t be led by cartoons and superheroes because the next trend will be just around the corner and the space will instantly become dated."

Instead, the pro recommends "a nice neutral colour palette that can be elevated with colourful furnishings like bedding, cushions, lampshades and rugs.

"These can be easily swapped out for new colours and patterns at a more cost-effective rate later down the line as the child’s tastes change over time."

Going for paint over wallpaper will also work out better in the long run according to the pro, since wallpaper can rip and is generally more costly to replace.

If your kid writes the alphabet on pricey wallpaper you don't have many options to clean it off,but if you go for a paint it can be easier to remove.

"Keeping a hold of leftover paint and topping up specific areas will help to keep the room looking fresh.” 

Another thing to keep in mind when decorating a child's bedroom is how easy it will be to clean.

Accidents are bound to happen, but if you plan ahead for them they'll be much easier to deal with.

That's why furniture choice is so important, according to Vicki, who says that picking furniture that withstand the mess and cleaning process is vital.

"It’s common for children to drop things onto the carpet," she adds, "so get one made from a durable material that can last a child through the ages.

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“Polypropylene carpets are great for this as they tend to be cleanable with bleach for those extra tough stains.  

“To keep the room exciting, opt for a durable to rug to tie everything together and inject extra personality to the space.” 

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