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THE bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, so making sure it's the sanctuary it ought to be and not a tacky mess can be the difference between a good night's sleep and hours of tossing and turning.

The good new is you don't have to spend a fortune to make your bedroom look posh, you just need to stick to these simple rules.

Speaking to Fabulous, Kate Conrad, Designer Director at Madison & Mayfair, revealed a few things you should know before even thinking about redecorating.

Pick the right paint

Taking things back to basics, the colour of your walls should create a peaceful atmosphere, so neutral shades are always a good option.

If you want to be bang on trend, Kate suggests going for black and dark navy as they're "popular choices and are trending in the interior circles."

As for colours you should avoid, bright shades including red and pink are big no-no's.


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"They don’t create a calming space for sleep," Kate explains.

Avoid matching furniture sets

You don't need all the furniture in your bedroom to match, in fact, it's probably better if it doesn't.

Mixing and matching different but cohesive furniture items can look much more high-end.

"We don't need to fill our interiors with all modern furnishings, but rather should combine new features with timeless pieces to create a unique maximalist setting," Kate says.

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You don't need to spend a fortune to do this either – swapping furniture from other rooms in your house can give the desired result without costing you a penny.

The right sized furniture can also be the difference between posh and tacky.

"Small furniture can look cheap and lost in a bedroom," says Kate.

Choose art carefully

Simply liking a picture or painting might not be enough to make it work in your bedroom.

Instead, you should try to "coordinate your pictures to your fabrics" and "consider the pantones to compliment your bedroom."

Kate adds: "A beautiful, framed canvas can also bring a room to life."

Lighting can change everything

Although picking a good ceiling light is a must, lamps can really make or break a bedroom.

In fact, Kate say they're "a must" since they "unlock lots of options to create different moods."

That said, there are some other lighting options you should steer clear of, including fairy lights.

Kate says: "Fairy lights are a no-no for anyone over the age of 15, sorry."

Contrast is key for bedding

It's bad news if you love a themed bedding set, they're a big no-no for the interior whizz.

Christmas, Easter or any other kind of themed bedding "should be reserved for children," Kate says, and even that's "at a push."

Instead, go for patterned bedding to "add texture to a plain painted room."

"Contrast is the key here," Kate adds, "If you’re going down this route, go for bold walls and plain fabrics or vice versa."

Don't be scared of fabrics

Velvet might have a bit of a bad reputation these days, but there's a way to make it look stylish and chic according to Kate.

She says: "Velvet is a staple for the home and will continue to be so."

The trick is to keep it to small busts, like a cushion, a throw or even an accent chair, all of which are a "good shout."

Keep mirrors simple

If you're working with a smaller space, mirrors can instantly make the room appear larger.

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You don't have to break the bank on expensive ones either, they're always popping up on Facebook Marketplace and second hand shops.

Kate recommends going for "plain and simple large round mirrors with clean lines.". 

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