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WITH SPRING around the corner, many of us will be focusing our attention on sprucing up our homes for summer.

Whether that's a spring clean, DIY projects, or simply giving your home a fresh lick of paint.

But interior experts have revealed the six colours you should definitely avoid if you're planning to transform your front door.

Experts at Door Supplies Online revealed white doors may have been all the rage decades ago but now it's important to make your house stand out.

Not only that, but white front doors can quickly get grubby and lose their sparkle.

They told the Express: "Of course, there is sometimes no choice in this if you are choosing a uPVC front door but if you are painting the door fresh or choosing one, there are so many more options to choose from minimising yourself to just white. 


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"These doors can also get dirty quickly and can wear quickly making them look quite dull and dingy.”

Next on the list is bold, bright colours, which the experts suggest thinking strongly about before getting a paintbrush out.

Bright doors can look glorious in the summer, but not so much in other seasons.

Instead, opt for a pastel version of your preferred colour such as sage green or duck egg blue.

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You may have thought a black door would look sleek, but a black door can cause a host of issues.

The interior pros revealed that because black absorbs heat, the wood can soon begin to expand and cause it to split or warp so it no longer fits in the door frame.

Dark blue is another popular colour but it's been so overdone in recent years it no longer has the desired effect you're hoping for.

The experts said: "It has been overused and may end up looking drab and dirty depending on the weather and the exterior of the home."

While you may have thought dark green would be a natural choice to bring the tones of the outside, it isn't.

the darker shades of green can actually contrast with the natural surroundings rather than blending in.

Brown is also a colour to steer away from.

The experts added: "This colour may occasionally be a very challenging decision because it can be difficult to match it to any other colours on your outside. 

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"It also runs the danger of looking possibly dated – to combat this, think about utilising more pastel colours.

"Choosing a colour that you adore and that makes you happy every time you return home is ultimately the most crucial decision.”

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