I'm an interior pro… my hacks will keep you warm without heating – & why your bed should be away from the window | The Sun

FROM wrapping up in layers to holding hot water bottles, the cost-of-living crisis has forced many to search for ways to keep warm without heating.

But according to an expert, there are other ways you can stay toasty this autumn and winter season without making your energy bills grow.

Chatting to Edinburgh Live, Leanne O'Malley at Studio listed some of her top tips – and turns out, the layout of your room makes all the difference.

Rearrange your furniture

Although it may surprise you, but where you've decided to place furniture plays a key role in how hot the room is going to get.

According to the expert, you should ensure the bed is positioned away from windows and doors – this will avoid any draught.

If you decide to switch on the heating, make sure the radiator's not obstructed by any other furniture, as it won't allow the hot air to circulate.

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Opt for flannel or fleece bedding

One of the easiest ways to keep toasty at night-time, when the temperatures drop, is choosing the right blankets.

As electric blankets are significantly cheap to run compared to keeping central heating on, this handy must-have is a cost-effective alternative.

Many electric blankets also come with self-timers – which will help you to reduce costs even further.

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Pick a warm but versatile duvet

Although it might be tempting to swap your current duvet for the thickest one possible, you might want to reconsider this and instead, invest in a versatile duvet – one that's appropriate for both winter and spring.

The ‘tog’ of a duvet is a rating between the range of 2.5 to 15 which indicates its warmth.

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So, for this winter, you should be looking out for one with tog of 10.5 to 12.5.

Wear the right type of pyjamas

When it's time to rest and head to bed, it's not just your bedding you should pay attention to – according to the pro, the right type of pyjamas is just as important.

To keep warm, opt for fleece or wool pyjamas, and invest in a couple of hooded blankets and oversized hoodies to lounge around the house.

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Reseal your windows

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to forget about is checking the quality of their windows – often covered in cracks and leaks, it's what allows frosty air creep in your home.

Using a silicone-based caulk or sealant, you can reseal your windows yourself – and not only will it make the room warmer, but you will also save cash on hiring a professional.

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