I’m covered in facial piercings – people say I’ll regret it and look better without them but I don’t care, I look hot | The Sun

A WOMAN who's covered in facial piercings has hit back at people who say she looks "better without them".

Char took to TikTok to share a video in which she revealed the "things I hear a lot as someone with a lot of piercings".  

She kicked off with the standard "you’re gonna regret all them when you’re older".

As she responded: "Good job I want to die hot and young, darling."

To those who say that "no boy will want you with all that in your face", she replied with a cheeky "Good!"

"I preferred you without all that metal," others tell her.

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To which she usually hits back: "Well I think I’m hot with them."

"I do them for me, nobody else. I don’t care about your opinion," Char concluded her video.

But the majority of people in the comments section insisted that they loved Char's unique look.

"I think you look stunning with those piercings," one wrote.

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"Don't listen to those people."

"love the piercings, people say that stuff to me too," another added.

"You're literally one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen," a third commented.

"They look hot on you thoo," someone else wrote.

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