I’m dating my step-brother – it was love at first sight but people say we’re disgusting when we kiss – The Sun

STEP-SIBLINGS who claim to be involved in a romantic relationship say there's nothing wrong with their love and hit back at anyone who criticises them.

Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena say they met six years ago when their parents were involved in a romantic relationship.

Now the couple have built a 600,000 strong following for their dancing, talking and comedy roleplay videos, which they post on the account AlphaFamilia.

Diana and Jordie claim to have had their first kiss during a 'sibling movie night' and have been inseparable ever since.

In an interview with LadBible, Diana said: "We met six years ago but we started dating three years ago. We met through our parents."

"We love each other, and if you don't like it well too bad" before adding that they are 'proudly step-siblings'."

The couple originally found fame for posting videos about relationships, while Diana became a widely disliked character for speaking in a 'baby voice'.

But there was still more criticism to come, as the loved-up duo received hundreds of hate comments after admitting they were actually step-siblings.

People have labelled the couple 'disgusting' and called for their account to be taken down.

A few recent comments read: "This is illegal," and "I feel uncomfortable watching this."

As the couple are not actually related by blood, so the relationship is not technically illegal.

Discussing the critical comments, Diana said: "People are very negative about our relationship. We get negativity daily.

"It's hard for people to understand our relationship, but love is love. It's hard to know who you're going to fall in love with."

When asked about plans for the future, she said: "We are just taking it as it goes.

"Right now, we're not planning on having any kids, but in the future of course."

Some viewers have been supportive of the couple, with one commenting, "I don't understand why they get hate. I love both of them so much."

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