I’m hotter than all my high school bullies put together – it gives me immense satisfaction, the boys want to date me now | The Sun

A WOMAN who was bullied in high school has revealed how her tormentors now want to befriend her and the guys want to date her.

She said that these days she is hotter than all of them put together and that fact gives her immense satisfaction after all the suffering she was put through.

Modern Petrova's (@modernpetrova) sassy attitude has seen her TikTok following grow to over 77,000 and another 4.5 million likes.

But in this post, she spoke from the heart about her high school experience and how the tables have now turned.

“You know what gives me satisfaction?” she said with passion in her video, “it’s the fact that I am now hotter than all of my high school bullies combined together.”

This has had an effect on some of the guys who were once unkind to her.

“And it’s also funny to me to think that the boys that used to bully me back then are now sliding up in my DMs begging to date me."

The mean girls too are all over her now. “[They] also DM me asking me for tips on how to fix their confidence."

Well, she said, they had better seek help elsewhere.

“I’m thinking to myself, 'baby girls, looking at that glow down you had, even if I wanted to help you, which I don’t, I really couldn’t. There’s absolutely no chance.'"

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She said she was smoking, at the top of her game: “I’m at my peak, and they’re literally at the lowest points of their lives."

What comes around will go around, she reckoned. "If that doesn’t prove to you that Karma’s real, then I don’t know what will.”

Her post generated a lot of interest, with many commenters sharing their own stories of bullying.

“As someone who faced being bullied or got mistreated, I’m applauding you for not allowing them to drown yourself out for reaching your best," said one person.

Another had a similar story: “They ruined my school time. I was crying every day, now they’re sliding into my DM.”

The final comment agreed with her about Karma: “Bro same here. I swear as someone who was bullied all her life I have these people that are dying to be in my position in life. Karma is definitely real.”

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