I'm known as 'plastic botched boy' & had more surgery – people say my doctor should lose his licence but he's done great | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan who has previously admitted to splashing out over £32k on a face makeover has hit back at cruel trolls who tell him his doctor should "lose his license."

The Australian man, who is known only as 'plastic botched boy' online, posted a video on TikTok revealing his latest procedure.

Referring to it as a "lift" – which appears to look like a fox eye thread lift – he explains how he hoped the surgery would help to remove excess skin.

In the clip, he films his swollen face straight after the operation – it looks heavily bruised and he can barely open his eyes.

As song lyrics which say "I can't see I'm blind" plays in the background, he then quips: "Accurate AF lmaooo."

The post quickly racked up over 4.5 million views and was inundated with comments – not all of them nice.


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"Your doctor should loose his/hers licence…" wrote one.

The beauty lover replied: "Why? Because you have no idea what your talking about.

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"Yet you comment anyway, great attitude."

A second commented: "Honestly your plastic surgeon needs to be fired."

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He hit back: "So dramatic," followed by an eye roll emoji.

Another penned: "Did really good work," followed by laughing emoji faces.

He responded: "Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t true, this is 5 days after major surgery."

Another noted: "I'm hoping this is a 'trust the process' moment."

The beauty fan replied: "Yes I’m still extremely swollen, bruised and the lift hasn’t dropped or settled yet."

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