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THIS plus size fashion YouTuber had tried on a huge haul from Shein and the clothes made her feel so cute while hiding her tummy.

Cari Berry on YouTube showed off some fall looks in a recent video.

First up was a blazer vest that Cari thought would look cute with a long sleeve top and some jeans.

"This is super cute," she said.

"I really do like this look. I do kind of wish that maybe the shoulders were a little bit narrower because I do feel like it's kind of making me look a little bit broad."

"But, I do love the vertical long line that it's giving me."

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She also tried on a regular black blazer with shoulder details that hide any arm insecurities.

The YouTuber already tried the blazer on in another color, but she sized it down last time.

She said that the blazer fit better when she got her true size.

Next up is a ruffled off-the-shoulder cream-colored sweater.

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"This is actually so cute," said Cari.

"I just love how it cinches down [at the bottom] to kind of form to you but then it's like slouchy in through [the stomach area]."

Cari then showed off a green button-up top with a tie in the front.

"That's nice because you can kind of pull the waist in as much as you need," she said.

The YouTuber really liked the top once she had it on.

"It's got that really nice hourglass shape. I love the neckline it's just really good."

To nitpick, Cari said she would prefer the sleeves to be tapered in.

For another sweater option, Cari tried on a pullover sweater with a drawstring in the center.

"If I cinch it all the way we are getting a little bit of a tummy peekaboo, but I don't hate that," she said.

You could also cinch it less, so you aren't showing any skin, Cari explained.

She also got an off-the-shoulder over-sized sweater with horizontal lines that she sized down.

Once it was on, Cari said it was more of a boat neck look, but it was still "a keeper."


Cari also got a white waffle knit hoodie for a more day-to-day look.

"This is all of the casual mom vibes that I love," she said.

The YouTuber also loved that it's "just enough shape, but not a ton."

The shirt is see-through, so you will have to wear a tank-top underneath, Cari advised.

For bottoms, she got tight pants that resembled joggers.

There are ties on the ankles to adjust how tight you want the bottom of the pants to be.

"I feel like the tummy area is not on full display. I like them a lot," she said.

Cari also got two long striped cardigan in neutral colors that went down to her knees.

"What can I say? It's amazing," she said.

"It's just so comfy and casual" and it gives off a "cozy vibe."

Cari also tried on a bright cardigan with orange and pink stripes.

"I am just in love with the fruit loop vibes that this is giving me," she said.

Next up is a black and white high-neck blouse with an elastic seam that goes across, right under the bust.

Cari was hesitant about this one but once she had it on she said " I actually really do love the shape."

"I actually am really obsessed."

She also loved the length of the top and said it pairs well with jeans.

The YouTuber got another high-neck top that had sheer sleeves with black pom-poms on them.

It fell at an awkward length, but Cari thought the top was still "super cute" and liked the sleeves.

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Lastly, Cari tried on a long zip-up hoodie in a light purple.

The hoodie went down to her thighs and she said "I think I like it. I'm still on the fence," during the try on portion of the video.

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