I’m plus-size & tested the viral top skirt hack – it was so inappropriate, I looked like a sweaty substitute teacher | The Sun

WHEN it comes to viral TikTok hacks they are usually either really good… or really bad. 

One creator has tested a fashion hack so outrageous viewers were rolling with laughter. 

Erin Samjo is a comedic creator on TikTok.

The plus size fashion honestly reviews and tries out trending fashion and makeup hacks. 

Erin’s latest endeavour was testing out the viral top as a skirt hack. 

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For this hack fashion fans have been wearing a tank top pulled down in place of a skirt. 

It works even better if you are able to twist the straps of your top so it creates a criss cross effect. 

Erin tried the hack with a beige top-turned-into-a-skirt and a grey bralette. 

The hack went so badly Erin could barely contain her laughter.

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She said: “I look like a sweaty substitute teacher.”

When Erin turned around it was clear Erin had worn the top backwards as you could make out the V neckline. 

Erin joked: “Turn in your ass-ignments everyone.”

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Erin said: “It works but at what cost.”

“Damn I just do not get why this app will not show my followers my videos, what the heck?!”

Erin’s video gained over 373,000 views and viewers were rolling with laughter. 

One user said: “Girl you gotta twist it!!”

Erin replied: “Oh yes that clearly will make a WORLD of difference. I’m still going to look like that.”

Another said: “I love it!!.”

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A third said: “Yeeeee queeen.”

A fourth said: “When I screamed at the back part let me tell you.”

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