I’m pregnant and can’t believe the awful names some women give their kids – none of them are adult appropriate

A pregnant woman has slammed some of the “awful names” parents give to their children for not being “adult appropriate.”

The anonymous UK-based mother, who is pregnant with her second baby boy, took to Mumsnet and explained how some of the name suggestions she’s received have been terrible – but do you agree?

According to the woman, some of the offending names include Ralphie, Teddy, Hughie, and Rupert.

In the initial post, she admitted her controverisal opinion had potential to 'cause a riot' but continued: "Your name may suit a baby/toddler but an adult!? Do people honestly think their children are going to be babies forever.”

She went on to ask other forum users whether they think she’s being “unreasonable” and questioned whether she should just mind her own business – and the response was very mixed.


“I know plenty of grown men called Jamie, Robbie, Jimmy, Charlie… I don't see how Teddy or Hughie is different?” argued one, while a second pointed out: “I think when the current generation of small children grows up, there will be loads of adults with names like that and so it won't seem so strange.”

Another admitted that while they wouldn't personally pick the listed names, they thought they were "fine."

The person continued: "Ralphie becomes Ralph, Teddie Ted, Hughie Hugh etc. Or they would probably be fine as they are to be honest.

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"There are so many cutesy ‘ie’ type names for boys that it’ll be the norm when they’re adults.”

Meanwhile, others went on to give examples of famous adult celebrities – including the likes of Freddy Mercury (although it wasn't his real name) and Robbie Williams, adding they “never thought about their names being childlike.”

A further gave the example of football player Teddy Sheringham and agreed: “Nobody ever thought he had a babies’ name. It was just his name.
I’m sure when all the Teddies, Ralphies, Alfie’s etc grow up they’ll know so many men the same age with those names it won’t even be an issue.”

However, the social media user went on to say that they think it’s better to give a child a name like Edward/Theodore, Ralph on their birth certificate so if they do think the nickname version is too “cutesy” for them, it’s easy just to use the other version.

Elsewhere, another agreed the suggested names would age fine, adding: “I would be more concerned about some of the strange names like Bluebell that are currently in trend. I can't imagine a CEO called Bluebell.”

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