I’m such a cheapskate I sleep on a mattress I found in the bin & when friends come over I serve them stale food

A MONEY-SAVING woman has revealed she serves her friends food she's found in the bins.

With prices now skyrocketing to new levels, many are looking to find ways to spend less money – but some, like Kate have taken in to the extreme.

Appearing on Extreme Cheapskates, the woman had invited her friend and his girlfriend over for dinner – and it's safe to say, there were slightly shocked by what they saw.

''As a friend, I know how cheap Kate is so I came to see her in action,'' said Matt, her pal.

Giving a little tour of the small apartment, Kate revealed that she had made her makeshift couch using a mattress she had stumbled upon in a dorm dumpster dive.

To give herself some extra protection from potential cockroaches and dirt, the crafty DIY whizz had added a layer of plastic bags over the surface.

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''I've never bought furniture before,'' Kate told her guests, whilst showing where she sleeps – just some yoga matts on the floor.

''I don't care what Matt and Rose say – they're not gonna be my roommates or anything, so there's no need for me to buy a new bed just because Matt and Rose think it looks uncomfortable.''

To save her $17 (£14) each month, Kate also decided to shut off the gas completely and do without air conditioning to cool herself down during the warmer months.

''I've heard of people with electric bills of a couple of hundred of dollars in the summer because of air conditioning – so I do without.''

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Once the little tour was over, Kate served her guests dinner – in the pot stuffed together were vegetables with turkey, chicken and some dollops of mashed potato.

''This is a medley,'' she explained.

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But unfortunately, despite the host's best efforts, the couple didn't appear to be that impressed – Rose was reluctant to eat too much and Matt said the food didn't taste very fresh.

''When I found out it came from the dumpster, I felt a little sick to my stomach,'' Matt's girlfriend later revealed.

The selection of desserts – a slice of chocolate cake and what appeared to be carrot cake – didn't excite the two too much either, as it had a stale aftertaste.

However, whilst Kate's mates might have not enjoyed the food, viewers didn't agree with their behaviour, with some saying they had been rude.

''the girlfriend's comment about her house being "really small and cluttered" is just rude [sic],'' thought someone.

''If she's being cheap that's her deal but you don't get to comment about how big/small someone's house is.''

Another added: ''She's being very generous with her friends serving food that she probably can eat for a whole month.''

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A fan took it to comments to show support: ''Such a lovely transparent person inside & out. If there was a Kate here in Australia, I would marry her.

''She doesn't care what other people think. She is attractive, thoughtful, & smart. What more can a man ask for.''

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