In Sync! Celeb Couples in Coordinating Outfits

The couples that twin, win! Romantic duos who echo one another’s fashion choices are always a spotlight stealer. And we’re not just talking matching color schemes; these fashionable duos have really put an effort into “being one” in their relationships. From the same sneakers to head-to-toe leather ensembles these lovebirds have gone above and beyond for these fashion statements.

It’s no surprise that stylish couples such as Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West along with Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade have made it on our list. But we didn’t only gather the fashionista couples for this roundup — we also have a rather unexpected fashionably-synched duo – Kate Middleton and Prince William! Seems everyone is getting in on the doubled-up fashion love. And we’ve even taken a trip down memory lane to relive some great moments of lovers who have since parted ways (but will always have their coordinating denim).

Scroll down to take a look back at some of the cool celebrity couples who have matched with their significant others while out together!

Celebrity Couples With The Most Romantic Love Stories!

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