In The Style criticised for choosing size 12 woman for body positivity campaign

Online brand In The Style has faced criticism for using influencer Chessie King for a body positivity campaign.

Earlier this week, the brand revealed the range described as ’empowering’ and ‘body positive’, and it is due to go on sale this Thursday.

But the campaign didn’t go down well for using size 12 Chessie as the face of the range.

There are other women involved in promoting the collection but the main focus is on Chessie, with her helping to create the collaboration.

Author of Plus+ and No Big Deal Bethany Rutter commented: ‘This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen lol a range themed around a thin person promoting ‘body confidence’ like yes I would imagine you are confident about your body ??? And what ???

‘Can thin people experience insecurities about their bodies? yes. is it useful to frame conversations about bodies around normative bodies? no.’

Jo Howard added: ‘Agree with you – nothing radical about slim people with body confidence.’

The brand defended the range saying that it was ‘a small minority view’.

Others commented on the Instagram post revealing the campaign.

One said: ‘Where are plus-size model ? Let me laught with your body posi… Just scrolling on your feed and it’s always the same kind of girl.’

Adam Frisby, In The Style founder: ‘Chessie is someone who we purposefully reached out to to collaborate with not just because of the body positive attitude she adopts but the powerful self love message that resonates through her social media channels and the focus she puts on keeping it real.

‘We launched an unretouched campaign earlier this year trying to break the damaging, altered, impossibly perfect images our audience are subjected to every single day and Chessie is a perfect ambassador for our brand statement of embracing who you are.

‘Chessie shows herself in all her real life, unedited scenarios, not always glamorous, seldom takes herself too seriously and we absolutely LOVE her for it. Here’s a girl who is living her best life and if everyone was a bit more Chessie maybe the world would be a happier place?!

‘Chessie herself has been shamed as being “thin” in this tweet (she is a size 12 not that that matters one iota) yet seemingly that positive discrimination voiced by some denies her the right of being able to tell women its ok to be themselves. It seems that from some, the only people who are allowed to be body confident and share a body positive message is a right reserved only for those who don’t have “normative bodies”. The irony of that does not escape us.

‘Fact is we all have body hang ups and we are using our social voice to be able to say we all have them and we are all beautiful.

‘Our Chessie campaign and the beautiful array of girls who have helped us bring this campaign to market which varies in sizes from 8-22 , not to mention the diversity in the girls stories, background and shapes is something we are immensely proud of and something we will continue to pursue in our quest for squashing the continual reinforcement of attaining perfection.’

Chessie King posted a response to the comments on her Instagram page: ‘I use my voice on here to support & empower people, I spread a message I believe needs to be shared. To be told my body is not the right body to talk about body confidence is pure body shaming.

‘Every shape, every size, every height, every gender, every human has the right to celebrate their body & all the incredible things it does for us.

‘No one knows your story, your relationship with your body unless they’ve lived inside your body your whole lifetime.

‘My army of supporters & sisters who follow me will know that my body & I have been through so much together. I will never stop trying to help you all, I have never & will never ever use my Instagram negatively, to put people down. I will never ever be silenced.’

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