International Bath Day Oils, Soaks, Creams, Towels and More

Happy International Bath Day! Yes, June 14th is, in fact, the day devoted to all things soaking, scrubbing and self-care. According to National Day Calendar (the group that keeps track of all these fascinating “holidays”), Bath Day is an ode to Greek mathematician Archimedes, who, while sitting in a tub, reportedly discovered that the most accurate way to measure an object’s volume is by submerging it in water. Who knew?

While science is great, we think of the day more as an excuse to pamper ourselves with detoxifying soaks, nourishing oils, velvety creams and plush robes — ideally while sipping a glass of rosé. From designer bubble baths and bar soaps scented like some of the world’s most iconic fragrances (hi, Chanel No. 5 and Miss Dior) to invigorating oils that promise to calm both your skin and mind, we’ve rounded up luxe bath and body products to treat yourself to today (and everyday). Keep scrolling to see our favorites!

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