Iskra Lawrence's Sexy Blue One-Piece Deserves a Top Spot in Her Swimsuit Hall of Fame

Things that go together: peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, rhythm and blues, Iskra Lawrence and swimsuits. The 28-year-old model can rock swimwear like no other, and when she steps foot in Miami, you know the heat is on. Iskra made yet another trip to Florida recently and lounged around in a collection of cute suits I’d love to add to my collection. Top of my list? This bright blue one-piece.

The suit’s wraparound detail gives off a flattering silhouette but still allows Iskra to show off her sultry side with a midriff cutout. See, a one-piece can be just as sexy as your run-of-the-mill bikini. Since Iskra has a partnership with Aerie, it’s pretty fair to assume this look comes from an upcoming collection. Unfortunately, it’s not available to shop right now, but keep reading and get your hands on some similar suits.

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