I've got a crazy hourglass figure – people think it's photoshopped and even want to take pictures of me to their surgeon | The Sun

SHE'S got such an incredible hourglass figure that she constantly faces accusations that she photoshops her videos.

But Pearl hasn't let that speculation stop her from showing off her curves in clips on her social media pages.

She recently posted a video of herself wearing a white lace crop top and low-slung beige trousers, to show off her flat stomach and enviable silhouette.

Pearl also made sure she shot herself in different lighting situations in a bid to dispel photoshop or filter rumours.

Despite her good intentions, people were still quick to speculate that she may have digitally altered the video.

"It's edited," one wrote.

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"Dude this is so obviously edited," another insisted.

"It's a filter," a third wrote.

However, others were so impressed by her unique body shape that they joked they'd be taking her picture to a plastic surgeon.

"Screenshots for my surgeon," one wrote.

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"the kardashians are abt to show this video to their surgeons," another added.

"what i wouldn’t GIVE!" a third commented.

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