I’ve spent £50K on surgery including a designer vagina to look beautiful, women hate me & say I'll steal their husbands

AFTER splashing out £50,000 on plastic surgery and body enhancements, single mum Tracy Kiss receives hundreds of hate-filled messages – with women accusing her of being a porn star who is trying to steal their husbands.

In the past 15 years, Tracy, 33, has had four boob jobs, a Brazilian bum lift, a nose job, two lots of eye surgery – and she even has a ‘designer vagina’ after having labiaplasty.

But while she’s finally content with her looks, the raunchy pics she shares on Instagram spark daily abuse.

“Women accuse me of being a disgusting porn star, a Barbie doll and a bad mother," she said. "Some of them even think I’m after their men, but I’m not to blame for guys looking at me. I’ve worked hard for my appearance – and lots of my surgery has been for medical reasons, too."

Tracy says mums are quick to judge her on the school run when she drops off her two children, Millie, 13, and Gabriele, eight.

“One woman always stares and scowls at me. But I’m not sure if she’s aware her husband messaged me, asking me out for a drink. I ignored it though – I keep myself to myself.”

Blocking male admirers can lead to more trolling, however.

“They start off asking me out, and when I don’t reply they call me ugly, scum or a bitch. It used to upset me and make me cry.

"Why hate me for trying to look nice? I don’t let it get to me these days though, because I know I’m a good person.”

Tracy first set out on her journey to body perfection after insecurity about her looks in her teens.

“People at school called me ugly, and I wasn’t a popular, pretty girl.”

Aged 18, she had her first op to correct her wonky boobs in 2006.

“Growing up they were like these weird, pointy aliens going in different directions. I completely lacked femininity.”

Tracy, from Buckinghamshire, was thrilled with her new boobs, but was unaware that the silicone PIP implants were slowly leaking inside her.

In 2013, she had an emergency removal and breast reconstruction, followed by another op to replace the implants.

But the second set caused more health complications over the next few years.

I get called shallow, obnoxious and selfish. People say I’m a bad parent, but my children are happy, thoughtful and conscientious.

“My digestive system shut down and my hair fell out. I looked like an old lady. The implants were poisoning me.”

She had those removed too, and in September 2019 had a third set of implants, taking her bra size to a whopping 30KK.

In 2015, personal trainer and bodybuilding fan Tracy had vaginal surgery – a result of injury caused by a 60km charity bike ride.

“I was in absolute agony afterwards and couldn't sit down for days.”

The cycling had caused a cyst and such severe inflammation that she needed labiaplasty to repair the damage, and her £5,000 op even featured in Channel 5 TV show, Don’t Tell the Doctor.

Tracy kept the labia tissue as a memento, saying: “I made it into a necklace. It was a real talking point, and it became a kind of empowering thing.”

In between her breast ops, Tracy has had two laser eye surgeries to correct her short-sight, and in 2018 she paid £6,000 for rhinoplasty to remove a bump on her nose.

Also in 2018, she forked out another £5,000 for a Brazilian bum lift to bulk up her booty.

“I’ve always been quite scrawny, so with my big chest I felt like a lollipop. I had my bottom done to balance out my body.” 

As well as plastic surgery, Tracy has spent a small fortune on tattoos, Botox, lip fillers, tooth braces and stomach tightening sessions.

Other people have fancy holidays – I do this instead. I've never viewed myself as a lovely thing, so when other women are nasty, I don’t think it’s because of jealousy. On a scale of one to 10, I only see myself as a five.

With the grand total exceeding £50,000, she’s funded her habit through modelling, personal training and influencer work, plus maxing out her credit cards.

“Other people have fancy holidays – I do this instead,” she says.

Ironically though, she still doesn’t rate her looks very highly.

“I've never viewed myself as a lovely thing, so when other women are nasty, I don’t think it’s because of jealousy. On a scale of one to 10, I only see myself as a five.”

But while she has amassed 700K Instagram followers, Tracy constantly faces accusations that she’s setting a bad example for her kids.

“I get called shallow, obnoxious and selfish. People say I’m a bad parent, but my children are happy, thoughtful and conscientious. They’ve never known a father to be present in their lives, so everything I do is for them.” 

Tracy – who is dating again after six years as a singleton – adds: “My children know I’m different to their friends’ mums, but my daughter says she’s proud of me.”

It seems unlikely that Millie will follow in Tracy’s footsteps just yet though. “She tells me, ‘I don't want to look like you, but I want to be like you.’ She says I’m her role model, which is wonderful to hear.”

As for her next procedure, Tracy is planning a £4,000 eyelid op.

“I want to get rid of my resting bitch face,” she laughs. “People say I’ll end up looking like Pete Burns, but I won’t have anything too drastic. I never want to not look like myself.” 

Still, she doesn’t rule out more work in future. “Ask me in 10 years’ time if I want a facelift, and the answer will probably be yes…”

Follow Tracy on Instagram @tracykissdotcom and visit tracykiss.com 

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