Jeffree Star reveals he was left with botched lips after a doctor secretly injected silicone

And now online sensation Jeffree Star has come clean to his followers about how he's been living with "botched" lips for the past 10 years.

Describing his decade-long ordeal in a recent YouTube video, Jeffree, 33, revealed that a plastic surgeon secretly mixed a silicone substance with temporary filler before it was then injected into his lips.

The YouTube star – who first rocketed to internet fame back in the days of MySpace – said: "Ten years ago, I was botched.

"You guys have been staring at me for years now on YouTube, and you may have noticed something wrong with my face – you may not."

The beauty vlogger and make-up mogul admitted he "wasn't insecure about having smaller lips" before having the cosmetic procedure a decade ago.

Aged 18, Jeffree was working at MAC Cosmetics and became obsessed with the idea of having "fuller, bigger lips" after his colleague's "porn star" pout left him "mesmerised".

"I was like, 'Wow, I want bigger lips,'" Jeffree joked.

But while the online star says he doesn't "regret much" in his life, he added: "I regret ever meeting that doctor. I regret ever going into his office and I regret ever letting him touch my face."

When Jeffree booked his appointment with his colleague's Beverly Hills doctor, he thought he was only having the temporary filler Juvederm injected into his lips.

He said: "I go to this person, he allegedly used about two syringes for my bottom and top lips total. Okay, now, I didn't notice anything was wrong until about a year later."

Much to Jeffree's horror, the doctor secretly mixed silicone in with the filler which left him with lumps underneath his top lip.

He added: "I discovered a few years later after that this doctor had mixed in silicone with Juvederm.

"I never asked for that. I never knew he was doing this, so I really don't know why this person did this."

Unfortunately for the internet star, by the time he realised what had happened and what the doctor's name was, the statue of limitations had expired meaning Jeffree could not pursue legal action.

While the lumps under his lips may not be that visible, Jeffree admitted that they've made him insecure ever since.

Only noticeable when he smiles widely or moves his mouth, the beauty vlogger added: "It has embarrassed me. It has made me feel weird when I am doing photo shoots.

"It is something that I have to airbrush in some pictures when I am in different angles. It is something that has haunted me for a long time."

But while Jeffree never hid the fact that he's had lip fillers, fans never knew he was having the cosmetic procedures to disguise the bumps which were gradually getting worse with time.

Over the course of the half hour video – which has been viewed 6.5m times – Jeffree has the silicone surgically removed from his lips by dermatologist Dr Kirby.

Although the dermatologist can't be sure the substance is definitely silicone until it's been tested, he strongly believes that it is what caused the lumps under Jeffree's lips.

He said: "Silicone is a permanent substance. I don't use silicone. I have never used silicone because it's permanent."

Judging by the severity of Jeffree's case, the dermatologist added: "I have every reason to believe that is pure silicone."

As the YouTube star has had botched fillers for over ten years, the substance had become intertwined with the vessels and nerves in his mouth.

While Jeffree was under anaesthesia, Dr Kirby started by puncturing his lip but then had to dig deeper to find the fillers.

After cutting out two long strips of silicone, Dr Kirby even had to give Jeffree stitches to stop the bleeding.

Touching the silicone strips for himself, Jeffree said: "It's very wormy and I hate that word."

Giving his followers an update on his lips just 24 days after the surgery, the makeup mogul said: "For how much trauma I had done, I will say this, it's not as swollen as it probably could be."

Now that the lumps under his top lip are gone, Jeffree ended the video by saying how much more confident he feels just 10  days later.

He said: "I feel so much better already because I looked in the mirror this morning again and I smiled and could actually see [my] full teeth."

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