Jennifer Lawrence reveals the trick to looking THAT hot – without giving up junk food

Unlike most Hollywood celebs, she's often reported in interviews as saying how hungry she is.

In fact, when it comes to a healthy approach to both diet and fitness, the 28-year-old actor is the perfect icon to follow.

In a recent interview with Vogue, the Red Sparrow star said: "I don't like when people say, 'I only do this or eat this'. Because I eat.

“I’m not very strict with my diet: If I want a piece of pizza, I eat a piece of pizza."

But she's also honest about the fact that eating what she fancies comes at a price.

"I do work out more than normal because I have a certain way that I want to look, and a way that I want to fit into my clothes,” she said.

“I get photographed when I’m not asking for it, so there’s added pressure to look and feel your best. For me, it’s easier to put that extra effort into the gym instead of putting the extra effort into: ‘Oh no, I can’t eat that.’”

Her exercise regime involves working out with Red Sparrow trainer, Kit Rich.

She does half cardio, half Pilates; using only her own body weight for resistance.

While you can't out-train a bad diet, we know that low-calorie diets simply don't work and aren't sustainable.

You're much better off having a little of what you fancy and eating a decent number of calories in whole foods (i.e not processed) – which is not only more sustainable but on the whole, far better for your mental and physical health.

Stress from undereating and overtraining can actually cause the body to cling to fat, rather than burn through it.

This isn't the first time that Jen's been candid about her anti-dieting attitudes.

She told ET earlier this year that she's not here for super-restrictive diets that many other celebrities follow.

“I don’t have any advice [on dieting],” the star confessed.

“I didn’t starve for [Red Sparrow] … I can’t live that kind of life. I just would want [US fast food chain] Jack in the Box and just [would have] to eat chicken breasts, so that to me is like I’m starving!”

Yep, she's definitely our kind of woman.

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