Just ONE per cent of people will get these grammar questions right… but how well will you do?

But regardless of whether you were a writing whizz kid or not, a new tricky test is currently dividing the internet… and the brainbox behind it says that only ONE per cent of people will answer every question correctly.

In the online video "How good is YOUR grammar?", YouTuber and English teacher Lucy Bella Earl is putting her 1.3 million subscribers' grammar knowledge to the ultimate test.

Famous for her educational videos, the 24-year-old marketing graduate from Bedfordshire claims that only 10 out of 1,000 students have managed to score top marks in this new quiz.

And if you still get confused between "affect" and "effect" or "who" and "whom", chances are you're going to struggle.

But are you one of the brainy few who can get them all right?

'How good is YOUR grammar?' Answers

Didn't do as well as you'd like? You're not alone.

Fellow quizmasters flooded the comments of Lucy's video with their scores and only a fraction of the 65,000 viewers managed to get them all right either.

And one admitted they "only got 10 right because I study grammar a lot" because they "love it."

Looks like it may be time to crack open our English GCSE textbooks for a quick refresher… just saying.

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