Kanye Offers Another Look at YEEZY Gap Designs and Unreleased Footwear

Continuing to use his Twitter to reveal his creative mind, Kanye West sent out a spree of tweets offering another look at his YEEZY Gap partnership and some an unreleased footwear style.

Referencing his recent Twitter usage, ‘Ye noted the latest array of images accompanied by brief musings comes right before his bedtime. Kicking off the series is Dr. Claud Anderson’s book PowerNomics and a call for Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump to meet Anderson about “restoring the black community.” Moving on Kanye showed off progress on his innovative dome homes with a caption referencing how they were torn down the first time they were erected.

The controversial creative then shared some YEEZY eyewear and dipper back into his “Plan A” idea. “Plan A” appears to be some form of eco-village concept that establishes a lifestyle centered around fostering the dynamic growth of children. The “sanctuary for those that choose Plan A” is designed to provide support for families, advanced education for children, access to “wellcare” and a farm-to-table nutrition program.

After sharing an image of North West going wakeboarding, Kanye dipped into designs for his YEEZY Gap partnership that reveals focuses on bright colors, camouflage and baseball uniforming. Continuing the focus on design is a look at the waterproof bag designs he’s been working on before offering a look at another high-top YEEZY Foam Runner prototype. Rounding up his latest Twitter spree, Kanye posted a video of his team working on a YEEZY theatre and then sharing his musings on underutilized emojis.

Catch Kanye West’s latest Twitter spree below.

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